Minutes of Circle Meeting 9/24/2018

Attendees: Angela Breton, Bobbie Whitlock,Carol Schatz, Jan Gilman, Karen Donnelly, Kathy Kelly, Sandi Vachek, and Sue Nieto.

Absent: Phil Pace

JHF Finances:

Carol went over the income and expenses thus far this year.  Decision was made to "pass the hat" for expenses and gift cards for accompanists.  Current balance of $247 in our kitty.

Carol will begin to let places know that we are grateful for any donations provided to help keep JHFS running.  Carol will send out a thank you note to organizations where we performed and include a statement about donations. Phil will provide suggested verbiage.

Carol was given a number of Longaberger baskets. Sandi and Angela will decorate the baskets for the 5 accompanists. Decision was made to raffle a basket each month to JHFS ($1/ticket, $5/6 tickets) and would also use some of the baskets as door prizes at some of the facilities (Churchville, Avondell, etc.) at no charge. At the picnic, Jane Bognaski volunteered to also help decorate them.

Missing Books

There is an issue that some books are not being returned by guests at the end of the sing-a-longs.  The following suggestions will be implemented:

 - We will have 1 or 2 people go to the door during last song to ensure we get booklets back. Currently, Sue Nieto and Jan Gilman will help ensure we retrieve booklets.

 - We discussed possibly handing out "Sing" or a poem when they leave.  This was tabled for now.

Organizational Discussions and Decisions

- Carol provided a tally of all of the performances. We will have completed 52 performances by the end of the year.

- We are going to limit performances starting in 2019 to 4 per month except for December.  We won't go farther than Oak Crest or Havre de Grace unless it is a special request from a member, and then we'll poll members to make sure we have enough to participate.

- For the December lineups, Kathy will make up three, one for every emcee.  The "Jenny in the Box Christmas edition" will be one of the three.

- November 26th we start singing Christmas Songs.

- Beginning in 2019, we will eliminate sing-a-longs at the same facility to only four times a year.

- We'll be surveying our members occasionally for input into what we do as a group.  E.g., participation in parades, how long they are interested in driving, etc. Angela has made the first one and has been gathering signatures.

Alternatives to Accompanists:

We discussed using a Mitch Miller Sing Along CD when we don't have a live accompanist.  We decided against it for now and are asking Jenny Anderson to record 11-12 of our Christmas songs.  Karen and Kathy are working on this.

Friends and Family Sing-along

The Bel Air Downtown Alliance might have a location that we could use.  Bobbie will contact them.  We will need someone to chair this event.

Participation in Parades

It was decided that we will consider participating in Bel Air's 4th of July parade.  Bobbie knows of a truck that is available.  Parking can be arranged at the start of the parade, but people will need to find their own way back.  Angela will be polling the group.

It would be too difficult to participate in the Christmas parade and sing at the band shell.  We are "the incumbents" now and are expected to continue adding our charm to the ceremony.


Since April, there have been 45-50 visitors per month to our site.  We've gotten some new members.  Annual fee has been $150 per year.  As long as people still are willing to cover the cost, we will continue it.

Kathy will give Karen and Bobbie a list of suggested changes.

We are adding a new section called "In the Spotlight". Bobbie will be taking individual pictures of the singers and asking them for a short bio.  From time to time, two new members will be highlighted.

Santa Hats:

We purchased hats for all and they are delightful and cute.   Those who don't want to share can bring their own.  Sandi will make 25 scarves to wear in addition to the hats.

Job Descriptions/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):

We will do job descriptions and may make them available in the Members Section.  Karen will contact people to do SOP's and those who want to add their phone numbers and email addresses.

People Without E-mails:

Sue volunteered to call the 6 people without e-mails when changes occur.  Carol will continue to give out hard copies of the schedule.

Words to the Joyce/Bobbie Duet

We will not be making copies of the words and people can sing parts of the duets they know.  Bobbie will do a reading in November.

Logo for JHFS:

Kathy will ask if someone with artistic ability can create a logo, then John Richardson will print up logos for window clings.  Bobbie will ask C. Milton Wright art teacher if students would like to do it for community service.

Meeting was adjourned.

Kathy Kelly

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