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"I came home tired, but it was a good tired. If we can touch lives and get responses where dementia has ravaged like we did today, wow. My best memory today was seeing the faces of folks light up when they got their ribbons and watching vacant eyes and quiet lips come to life when they heard songs from their past," said Phil Pace, founder.

JHF - Just Having Fun Singers


Phil Pace was “instrumental” in getting our group of singers together to spread some sunshine in the summer of 2015. He plays the piano for us to keep us on key. Phil spreads the word by talking with and emailing friends, inviting whoever may be interested to join us for any event such as at a local nursing home, which is great.

Carol Schatz does her part by booking the facilities for us, compiling the song books, and collecting “valuable prizes” as appropriate for the residents for some trivia games interspersed with the songs.

Sue Nieto is a member of our "circle" (aka board member). She provides invaluable input to all that we do. She was Director of Risk Management at St. Agnes Hospital before her retirement.​

Kathy Kelly is one of our emcees entertaining the residents with her senior humor, and leading the residents in some trivia games.  Kathy is keeping the group up to date through e-mails. She also is our publicist - successfully sending out press releases and spreading the word about our group.


Karen Donnelly is busily involved behind the scenes, working on operational development of this fledgling group - including setting up the web site and scheduling the accompanists.

Jan Gilman is another emcee. She fills the bill when Kathy is traveling. We're so glad she's joined our group. Jan is a retired high school English teacher.


Sandi Vachek joined our "circle." She adds so much to our group. She delights us with her corsages and birthday ribbons for audience members. Sandi is a retired kindergarten teacher.

Bobbie Whitlock has recently joined our circle team.  She is assisting Karen with the website.  She was a teacher for 40 years; quilting and wood working are her hobbies.

Angela Breton is our newest team member, adding her charm to emceeing.  She is originally from Connecticut, and has lived in Maryland for 35 years.  She and her husband, Bruce, have been married for 41 years, and have two grown sons.  Bruce retired from Dell as their Federal Imaging Specialist.   Angela spent many years teaching.  She taught second and fourth grades for 17 years at Bakersfield Elem. school, and 10 years as sixth grade math teacher at North Harford Middle.  In her spare time, Angela enjoys doing crafts, gardening, and puzzles.

We have a growing list of musicians providing their musical talent.  We have five accompanists and sometimes feature ukuleles, alpine bells, soloists/duets, banjo, saxophone and guitar. Poems and recitations are also part of our repertoire.

    Phil Pace and Kathy Kelly

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